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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Potato Gnocchi's

So tonight I made Potato Gnocchi for dinner. I feel like an old fashioned Italian mom because I don't have exact recipes...I kinda invent as I go along. But I will try to write everything I did so that you may do the exact same thing. I will post final dish later... I boiled about 5lbs of brown potatoes. skin off and sliced in about 1" cubes so that they will boil faster. After the potatoes are boiled, strain them and leave them alone for about an hour so that will dry out. (you do not want water in the potatoes)...My mother in law has a strainer that makes the potatoes look like long worms...yeah, I use my hands and smash everything to Then I make a well (like in the picture), I add two eggs in the middle of the well and then toss some flour around the well also. Don't really know how much flour but I would approximate 3 cups plus more for the rolling surface and trays. Mix everything together until a nice dough ball forms. Then cut pieces to roll into ropes about 10" long. You may have to cut the ropes into 6" pieces. They should be about 1" thick long ropes. Then cut into equal lengths. My MIL does them really thick but I like them smaller and thinner. Its all up to the cook really. Some people roll with a fork...I see no need. It takes too much work and with 2 kids, so totally not necessary. you want to boil the Gnocchi until they float. them take out of pot with a not strain....just use strainer to scoop out of pot. Put into a serving dish that has some gravy already at the bottom of it. I make my own gravy (Yes I call it Gravy), then strain the rest of the Gnocchi and add Parmigiana cheese and enjoy!!!
What you will need:
5lbs of Brown Potatoes
2 eggs
3 cups flour
Directions are above...Enjoy


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