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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saute String Beans with Lemon Oil and Lemon Peels

Saute String Beans with lemon Oil and Lemon Peel
I needed a side dish for my dinner Sunday night so I decided to make String Beans. My kids love them and so do I, so it was a perfect choice. My brothers love these too!! They are simple to make and a very healthy snack for kids as leftovers. I used one bag from the market for this picture. They were cleaned and snipped. (NEVER FROZEN)I also use the loose string beans as well esecially when I am having a dinner with alot of people and want more than a bagful. My only hint is that when you saute them use regular Olive Oil BUT when you toss them use Lemon Flavored Olive Oil, only because the flavored Olive Oil can be expensive. My choice is Sciabica's lemon Flavor Olive Oil. It's quite scrumptious especially used when just for dipping!!  This recipie would be pretty with toasted almond slivers on top also. Here's whats needed for this recipe:
Fresh String Beans (1 bag from market or as many fresh string beans you want to serve)
Salt & Pepper (for flavoring string beans and salting boiling water)
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons of Lemon Flavored Olive Oil
1 Whole Grated Lemon Peel
1/4 Cup Toasted Almond Slivers ( If desired)
Assuming your string beans are from a bag and not loose, then I would just rinse them. If they are loose then you will have to snip both ends and rinse with water. After this step fill a big saute pan with water and once it boils add salt then add string beans. The pot I LOVE to boil string beans is posted above. It does come with a lid and I use the lid to help boil the water. Like my mom says,  "A watched pot never boils" so use the lid..hahaha. So anyway I boiled them for about 15 min until a fork will pierce them easily. I then drain them and let them sit for a minute.  I then use the same pot and add the Olive Oil until it is hot and then add the string beans. I saute them with salt and pepper for about 8 minutes. Some people will add whole peeled garlic before adding the string beans but as my father always says "A great cook doesn't need to add garlic"...hahaha He hates the repercussions! Sometimes I do add it, Sometimes I don' After the string beans are sauted put them in a serving dish. Add Lemon Flavored Oil and Lemon Peel. This is when you would add the almond sliver too. Enjoy!!

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