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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bolognese Sauce- With Cavatelli

Bolognese Sauce
Tonight I decided to make a Bolognese Sauce because my very dear friend, Catherine Cantlin, asked me for the recipe that was on the Profile picture for my Facebook Page called Sunday Night Dinner. I had pasted that picture before really doing the blog so I never really took step-by-step pictures on how I made it. So I decided for her and everyone that post the steps with a new fresh batch of Bolognese. This is actually a very easy, fast and filling dinner for any mom or dad who works but still wants a homemade meal for their family. The reality is the base (gravy...pic shown above) can be prepared the day before and put in the fridge in the same pot and lid that it was cooked in and just put on the stove top to reheat until ready to add to the "meat" portion of the Bolognese. I don't use beef ground because I personally don't like the "dense" taste so I used ground pork in the Bolognese above. I do however make my meatballs with Ground Pork and Veal ...ONLY! Again, it is just my preference. You be your own judge!!! Enjoy!!!!
2 Frozen bags of "Scaramuzza's" fresh frozen Cheese Cavatelli (16oz bag)
Salt & Cracked Pepper to Season
Fresh Parsley- Handful Cleaned & Chopped
2 Tablespoon Lowry's Garlic Salt
8 Whole Cloves of Garlic peeled (not sliced or cut) 
2 Cans of organic diced tomato's- Puree 1 can only plus 1/2 can of water
2 lbs Ground Pork
1 large Sweet Onion Chopped
4 medium Carrots Chopped
6 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 Large Carrots Whole (for gravy, scraped of it's outer skin, of course)
1 Large Sweet Onion Whole (for gravy, peeled of course)
1 Full Handful of fresh Basil (for gravy)
4 Bay Leaves
1/4 cup of Parma Cheese ( The real thing)


First I started making the "gravy" I know some people call it sauce but they are all from New York....hahaha... OK so let's get started. using a 12 quart pot, add 1/2 the Olive oil to the pot and add 4 garlic cloves. Wait until the the oil and garlic starts to sizzle then add one Large Whole Sweet onion and 2 Whole carrot sticks. Let the oil simmer at a medium-low heat until garlic is golden (not burned)....Then add 1 can of purred tomato's and 1 can can of whole diced tomato' plus one 1/2 of a can of water, add salt, pepper, Lawry's Garlic Salt to season. Let simmer for 10 minutes and then add 1/2  of the chopped parsley and 1/2 of the whole fresh Basil and let simmer for another 10 minutes.....This sauce can be used for sooooo many things!!!! OK let's get back to business!! HAHA.... Now let's start the meat sauce! Are you Ready???? I think you are!!! Let's go!

Meat Sauce:

OK so let's get started!!! In a large Stainless Steel Boiling pot add the rest of the Olive Oil and Garlic and simmer until warm. Add the Ground Pork and cook until fully cooked. I use a metal Spatula because it chops the pork meat up very thoroughly and it will not scrap up my Stainless Steel pans. At this point I add the Chopped Carrots and 1 Large sweet chopped onion (picture above), Salt, Pepper and the rest of the Parsley and Bay Leaves. Let this saute for 25 minutes on low heat. Allow to simmer for 12- 15 minutes. Add the "gravy"portion by the ladle to the meat mixture. I added 5 full  ladles. You can add what you think is the right consistency. It should not cover the meat sauce completely. The consistency should be more meat than sauce.  Your sauce is ready to add to almost any Pasta. I used Cavatelli because I like a full bodied pasta. Do Not forget to pick out the Bay leaves.

 I boiled salted water and added 2 bags of frozen Cavatelli. When the pasta is boiling, I get a pasta serving dish and add 2 ladles full of Bolognase sauce to the bottom of the serving dish. Then I wait until pasta is finished being cooked. Then I ladle out the cooked pasta onto the Serving dish and add 2-4 more ladles of the meat sauce to the pasta and add the Parma cheese to top. Add a sprinkle of Fresh Parsley if you want to. It does make for a wonderful presentation


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