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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kristian's Panini

Kristian's Panini
My son, Kristian, absolutely loves healthy panini sandwiches. He loves all veggies actually and he likes to cook too. The vinegar is hard to see because Kristian only likes a dabble. He asked me to make this sandwich (that he created) and wanted to see it published...So here it is!! Gotta love kids and their wonderful imaginations!!
6" slice of Ciabatta Bread cut in half and grilled or toasted
Olive Oil (garlic flavored)
Salt & Cracked Pepper to season
A sprinkle of Shredded Parm Cheese (the real stuff please)
1/2 Cucumber sliced with a slicer
1/2 of a sliced Tomato (thin)
A sprinkle of fresh Parsley 
Splash of reduced Balsamic Vinegar (I keep it in a separate bottle)

First your going to want to reduce your favorite balsamic vinegar and keep it in a separate container for when you ready to use it. It's great on so many things including meats and desserts. Once you have the vinegar reduced you can start the sandwich. Cut your bread in half and paint with the garlic flavored olive oil then add salt and cracked pepper. Lay flat down on a grill, frying pan sprayed with cooking spray or BBQ (flip to do both sides). Once "toast" is finished place on a dish and layer with cucumber, and tomato. Add your balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper, cheese and parsley. Enjoy!!

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