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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nicky's Panini

Nicky's Panini
OK so since I added Kristian's Panini, of course my Nicky wanted his own. So here it is and if I must say so myself, it is very scrumptious!!! You go Nicky!!
4 slices of toasted or grilled Italian Bread
Olive Oil to brush on bread before grilling on both sides
8 slices Fresh honey roasted Turkey Breast
4 slices Fresh American cheese sliced
handful Wrinkled Potato Chips
4-6 Roasted Peppers (Previous Recipe Blogged)
Small handful Fresh Basil Chopped
Low Fat Mayo or Honey Mustard ( His favorite is Inglehoffre Honey Mustard)
4 Sliced Mini Pickles
A sprinkle of salt and pepper to grill and taste
Slice 4 pieces of fresh thick Italian bread. Brush each piece with Olive Oil and salt and pepper on both sides. I like my panini grilled, so I would grill them in a grill pan (George Foreman) and get them nice and toasted with grill lines. After they are grilled be ready to build panini and mangata!! Add the Mayo or Mustard (your choice) , Pickles, Turkey, Cheese, Chips, Peppers, and chopped Basil. In that order. Then Sit down with a glass of white wine or Iced Tea and Eat!! Enjoy!!! 

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