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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BBQ Chicken Taco Salad

This is a great salad for Kids. There are so many fun extras that were added to make this salad special. My son Nick absolutely loved it. The chicken that is shown on top was from a chicken cutlet dinner that I had made the previous night. All I did to make it BBQ was saute it in a pan with BBQ sauce for a few minutes and it absorbed all the great flavors. I forgot to take the picture with Salsa and Sour cream because my son likes it plain....hahah.....To me this dish is semi-homemade and weight watcher friendly This dinner is for a friendly Friday nigh,t no cook, use left overs, Dinner. Enjoy! 
1 Store bought Taco Shell
1 head of Romain Lettuce
1/4 cup of Raisins or Dried Cranberries
1/4 cup of prepared rice or risotto
2 tablespoons of Flavored Almonds
1/2 Cup of Sauteed Broccoli
3 Tablespoons of BBQ Ranch Salsa Dressing
Salt and Pepper to taste
3 Chicken cutlets
3 Tablespoons BBQ sauce (I use Stubb's Original)
Top with Salsa and non-fat Sour Cream
Fry Chicken Cutlets as instructed in my blog. Take a separtate non stick frying pan and spray with olive oil. Add chicken and BBQ sauce and cook on low for 5 minutes. Chop into pieces. Add to salad.
Take a hard shell taco bowl (that you can buy at a store) and place it on a dish. Add cleaned cut lettuce. Add dressing and salt and pepper. Add the rest of the ingredients in layers. Add BBQ Chicken last. Top with salsa and sour cream.
Toss and Enjoy!

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