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Friday, April 5, 2013

Risotto Con Pancetta

Risotto con Pancetta
This is your classic Rice with Bacon recipe. It could also be made with Fagoli (Beans) however I was out of beans and as usual, I modified!! I had made BLTs for lunch that day, so I already had the bacon!! I rarely let anything go to waste. It's a mortal sin...hahaha. So this is the most easiest, scrumptious and fastest dish you can make  assuming all the ingredients are in your fridge. It's a matter of making a list of dinners you want to make for the week and incorporating each dinner into the next. Simple in theory but needs imagination to preform. The more you cook the better you will become at it. Let's begin! Enjoy!
1 1/2 cups of rice. I used Carolina White Rice for this dish. It's a lighter rice.
Salt for water to boil
8 slices of cooked chopped bacon
2 cups of prepared red "Gravy" with 3 cooked carrots and a small cooked onion
(Chopped as above picture)
Handful of Fresh Whole Basil
Fresh Parmesan Cheese to garnish, if you'd like
*If you want beans in this: 1 Can of Red Kidney Beans
Bring a pot of salted water and rice to boil. Remember to fill pot with enough water to cover rice. Once the rice is 1/2 way cooked, add the gravy, carrots, onions, basil and beans (Only If you want the beans).
Finish to cook rice until it is al dente (This means cooked firm NOT hard). When you dish the soupy rice into dish add the bacon in the middle to garnish with the cheese, if preferred.

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